Where do you go to when you feel like there is nowhere else in the world that can keep you safe and sane?

Where do you go to when there is no one left to turn to but yourself?

Forget the naysayers, forget the critics, forget all the negativity and pessimism.

Your mind is the one true place where you can seek comfort, warmth, security, confidence.

Yes you have been ridiculed, mocked, and laughed at because of your ideas, but hey...other famous folks have been through similar trials and tribulations and achieved much success and personal satisfaction.
Keep moving forward, keep on working on your special "craft".
Mistakes are there not to hinder you, but to help you along your journey of personal discovery.  Embrace mistakes, smile at it, have fun with it.... that way you can focus more on creating instead of blaming.

Where is that "place" within ourselves where we can let our imagination, hopes and dreams run wild with no inhibitions?
-Find it and have fun with it.


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