Are you almost finished?

Don't stop now my friend. 
You can see a glimmer of light at the end of the why not keep on going until you reach it?

-Is it because you have a bad experience?
-Is it because you ran out of money?
-Is it because friends and family do not believe in your dreams and ideas?
-Is it because your ideas are not accepted by our *societal* standards?

-Ask any successful person who did "not" go through rough times.
-Money should never be the issue if you are passionate enough and willing enough to do whatever it takes.  There are many examples of people raising capital/investment because they *believed*
-Who is living your life? You are your family and friends?  Your answer to this question should not take more than "1 second" to answer.  :-)
-Perhaps there were difficult standards to break away from 100 years ago...but that should not be your barriers/obstacles because the status quo is challenged everyday by innovative, creative and passionate people who wants to make a big positive impact.

So remember...

check out the link below

Get over it...No M.O.R.E. excuses!



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