DODGE THAT: Here comes (failure/setbacks/obstacles), are you going to get hit and crumble or are you going to stay focused and keep on moving forward?

We have been peer pressured since elementary school:
-C'mon try some of these cigarettes, it will make you cool
-C'mon stay out a little longer, your parents won't mind

We have pressure since high school:
-C'mon try some of this good weed, it will make you feel good
-C'mon don't worry about the condoms, you don't trust yourself?
-C'mon just have a few more drinks, you are part of the group right?

We even get pressured as grown-ups but with more subtlety:
-C'mon fit in, try to find a steady job and buy a house
-C'mon everyone is into the whole dieting and fashion phase; spend spend spend
-C'mon just keep on buying and borrowing money from the bank..its ok.. debt won't hurt you...

How many of these and other (obstacles) have you dodged?
What do you cherish most in life?

This is a great question to ask for our start of the week.

We are all unique people with our own set of experiences that no one else can have...maybe similar experiences but never exactly how you feel and think.
Life indeed is a journey and not a destination and so where are you now and where do you want to be going?

What does your life list look?
What do you hold onto most dearly?
-Financial Freedom?
-Fun activities?
-Bucket list?
-Traveling the world?
-Start a new business or career?

Have fun this week everyone!

Certain situations in life may seem negative at first, but then turns out quite alright in the end.

Sometimes in life...."it was meant to be"

Can you think of a time when everything that could go wrong did go wrong for you?  But for some weird reason...things still worked out in your favor in the end?
Are you motivated by extrinsic or intrinsic factors?

Are you more effective from extrinsic or intrinsic motivation?

Is your work environment geared toward reward incentives or personal creative autonomy?

Do we always need to be rewarded in order to do
This post is dedicated to everyone out there who is making a positive difference in their unique way.
Thank you

What would you do if you could change the world to make it a better place?

Perhaps provide alternative plantation methods for developing countries?

Perhaps stop oil usage and use cleaner energy instead?

Perhaps every future buildings of any type must use renewable resources with trackable footprints so we know exactly where each material is coming from and how it was processed?

What would your list look like?
Are you paralyzed by choices?

Do you maximize your choices to increase your freedom?

How do you maximize your choices in order to feel like you are in control?

When do you feel that too many choices have made you more indecisive?

What measures do you take throughout your day to make sure that you are not overwhelmed by technology? ie. cellphones, blackberries, email, txt msg, facebook, twitter, laptops?

When was the last time you expanded your knowledge and to help yourself become more productive, healthy, efficient?

"There is a great deal of difference between an eager man who wants to read a book and a tired man who wants a book to read."
 ---G.K. Chesterton---

"The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them."  
---Mark Twain---

Do you read for pleasure?
Do you read for research?
Do you read to enhance your lifestyle?
Do you read to be more healthy?
Do you read to be more financially adaptable and to make lots of money?
Do you read for spiritual healing?
Why do you read?

Do you really need a "belt" in order to be recognized as a martial artist?

What do you use as your "belt" to represent your success?
A big house?
A fancy car?
A nice watch?

These are all tangible "stuff" that can be taken away in a blink of an eye.

What is it about "you" that represents success?
How about the intangibles such as:
Your manners
Your attitude
Your thoughts
Your drive
All these qualities come from within and that is how we should all measure our rate of success by the way we carry ourselves among society.